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What Are Journal Rankings?

Journal rankings are designed to determine the relative standing of scholarly publications within a specific field. These rankings are established through a systematic assessment of specific metrics, including journals’ citation rates or reputation among academic peers. As an indicator of impact and quality, journal rankings guide researchers and academic institutions in identifying the leading journals in specific disciplines.

Why So Many Rankings?

The importance ascribed to certain metrics varies across ranking entities, leading to diverse ranking systems and outcomes. For example, rankings vary in their classification schemes (e.g., from 1 to 4 or A to D), discriminatory power (i.e., the size of each class, yielding relatively few or many “top” journals), and local specificities (e.g., the inclusion and favorable evaluations of national/regional publications). Therefore, this website presents multiple rankings side by side.


Journal of Consumer PsychologyYes4*1A5.8
Journal of Consumer ResearchYes4*1A+11.8
Journal of MarketingYes4*1*A+12.3
Journal of Marketing ResearchYes4*1A+9.6
Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceYes4*1A17
Marketing ScienceYes4*1A+6.3
International Journal of Research in MarketingNo42A8.8
Journal of RetailingNo42A11.8
Journal of Service ResearchNo42A14.1
European Journal of MarketingNo33B4.7
Industrial Marketing ManagementNo32B8.8
International Marketing ReviewNo33B5.7
Journal of AdvertisingNo33B11.3
Journal of Advertising ResearchNo33B3.7
Journal of Business ResearchNo32B9.2
Journal of Interactive MarketingNo32B11.4
Journal of International MarketingNo32B8.1
Journal of Public Policy and MarketingNo32B4.9
Marketing LettersNo32B3.5
Marketing TheoryNo33C5
Psychology and MarketingNo33B4.5
Public Opinion QuarterlyNo35.1
Quantitative Marketing and EconomicsNo33A1.9
Academy of Marketing Science ReviewNo2
Advances in Consumer ResearchNo2
International Journal of AdvertisingNo23C6.2
International Journal of Market ResearchNo24C2.1
International Journal of Retail and Distribution ManagementNo23C4.6
Journal of Brand ManagementNo24C4.8
Journal of Business and Industrial MarketingNo23C4.4
Journal of Business-to-Business MarketingNo24C1.9
Journal of Consumer AffairsNo23C2.7
Journal of Consumer BehaviourNo2B4.1
Journal of MacromarketingNo23C3.5
Journal of Marketing ManagementNo23C4.4
Journal of Marketing Theory and PracticeNo24B3
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales ManagementNo24B4.4
Journal of Retailing and Consumer ServicesNo23B9
Journal of Services MarketingNo23C5.9
Journal of Strategic MarketingNo24C4
Qualitative Market ResearchNo24C2.5

Notes: The list is limited to marketing journals with an ABS (2021) rank of 2 or higher. a Financial Times’ FT50 List (open), b Chartered Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) Academic Journal Guide (open), c French National Centre for Scientific Research’s (CNRS) Journal Ranking (open), d Association of Professors of Business Administration in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland’s (VHB) JOURQUAL Ranking (open), e Scopus’ CiteScore (open).

Related Disciplines

Journal of International Business StudiesInternational BusinessYes4*1A14.2
Journal of World BusinessInternational BusinessNo41B10.8
African AffairsInternational BusinessNo33.9
Asia Pacific Journal of ManagementInternational BusinessNo34C5.4
Corporate Governance: An International ReviewInternational BusinessNo33B3.7
International Business ReviewInternational BusinessNo32B8.9
Journal of International ManagementInternational BusinessNo33B6.1
Management International ReviewInternational BusinessNo33B4.5
Academy of Management JournalManagement / StrategyYes4*1A+14.2
Academy of Management ReviewManagement / StrategyYes4*1*A+12.7
Administrative Science QuarterlyManagement / StrategyYes4*1*A+15.3
Journal of ManagementManagement / StrategyYes4*1A21.4
Strategic Management JournalManagement / StrategyYes4*1*A+12.5
Academy of Management AnnalsManagement / StrategyNo4*2A24.7
Journal of Management StudiesManagement / StrategyYes41A9.2
Strategic Entrepreneurship JournalManagement / StrategyYes42A10.2
Academy of Management PerspectivesManagement / StrategyNo4B7.7
British Journal of ManagementManagement / StrategyNo42B6.8
Global Strategy JournalManagement / StrategyNo43A7.2
Organizational Research MethodsManagement / StrategyNo42A13.7
Harvard Business ReviewManagement / StrategyYes3B2.8
MIT Sloan Management ReviewManagement / StrategyYes3B4.6
Academy of Management DiscoveriesManagement / StrategyNo3
Business and SocietyManagement / StrategyNo32B11
Business Strategy and the EnvironmentManagement / StrategyNo34B10.3
California Management ReviewManagement / StrategyNo32B8.6
European Management ReviewManagement / StrategyNo33B2.8
International Journal of Management ReviewsManagement / StrategyNo32B20.8
Journal of Management InquiryManagement / StrategyNo33B4.2
Long Range PlanningManagement / StrategyNo32B11.5
Management and Organization ReviewManagement / StrategyNo33C3.6
Management LearningManagement / StrategyNo33B3.9
Organization and EnvironmentManagement / StrategyNo32B5.8
Strategic OrganizationManagement / StrategyNo32B7
Theory, Culture and SocietyManagement / StrategyNo34.8
Entrepreneurship Theory and PracticeEntrepreneurshipYes41A17.7
Journal of Business VenturingEntrepreneurshipYes41A13.3
Entrepreneurship and Regional DevelopmentEntrepreneurshipNo3B5.8
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & ResearchEntrepreneurshipNo34B6.2
International Small Business JournalEntrepreneurshipNo32B8
Journal of Small Business ManagementEntrepreneurshipNo32B6.4
Small Business EconomicsEntrepreneurshipNo32B8.8
Journal of Product Innovation ManagementInnovationNo41A10.6
Industry and InnovationInnovationNo33B5.9
R & D ManagementInnovationNo33B6.6
Technological Forecasting and Social ChangeInnovationNo32B12.1
Journal of Applied PsychologyPsychologyYes4*1A12.3
Psychological SciencePsychologyNo4*A+10.3
Annual Review of PsychologyPsychologyNo436.7
Behavioral and Brain SciencesPsychologyNo43.5
Current Directions in Psychological SciencePsychologyNo49
Journal of Experimental Psychology: AppliedPsychologyNo43.9
Journal of Experimental Psychology: GeneralPsychologyNo46.3
Journal of Experimental Social PsychologyPsychologyNo4A6.2
Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyPsychologyNo4A+11.6
Personality and Social Psychology BulletinPsychologyNo46.1
Psychological BulletinPsychologyNo438.8
Psychological ReviewPsychologyNo413.8
Applied PsychologyPsychologyNo33B5.3
British Journal of PsychologyPsychologyNo36.4
British Journal of Social PsychologyPsychologyNo35.1
Cognitive SciencePsychologyNo34.8
European Journal of Social PsychologyPsychologyNo34.4
Journal of Behavioral Decision MakingPsychologyNo33B3.9
Journal of Cross-Cultural PsychologyPsychologyNo34.3
Judgment and Decision MakingPsychologyNo33.2
Personality and Individual DifferencesPsychologyNo34.9
Psychological ResearchPsychologyNo34.3
Quarterly Journal of Experimental PsychologyPsychologyNo33.9
Social Psychological and Personality SciencePsychologyNo37.9
Information Systems ResearchManagement Information SystemsYes4*1A+7.3
MIS Quarterly: Management Information SystemsManagement Information SystemsYes4*1*A+14.7
Journal of the Association for Information SystemsManagement Information SystemsNo4*2A6.2
Journal of Management Information SystemsManagement Information SystemsYes41A10.5
European Journal of Information SystemsManagement Information SystemsNo41A7.7
Information Systems JournalManagement Information SystemsNo42A12.3
Journal of Information TechnologyManagement Information SystemsNo42A11.3
Journal of Strategic Information SystemsManagement Information SystemsNo42A17.4
Decision Support SystemsManagement Information SystemsNo32B10.5
IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial Engineers)Management Information SystemsNo3
Information and ManagementManagement Information SystemsNo32B12.3
Information SocietyManagement Information SystemsNo34.8
Information Systems FrontiersManagement Information SystemsNo3B8.5
Information Technology and PeopleManagement Information SystemsNo334.4
International Journal of Electronic CommerceManagement Information SystemsNo32B6
Internet ResearchManagement Information SystemsNo3B8.5
Annals of Tourism ResearchTourismNo43C7
Journal of Travel ResearchTourismNo4413.3
Tourism ManagementTourismNo42B16.5
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality ManagementTourismNo339.3
International Journal of Hospitality ManagementTourismNo39.4
Journal of Sustainable TourismTourismNo38.3

Notes: The list is limited to marketing journals with an ABS (2021) rank of 3 or higher. a Financial Times’ FT50 List (open), b Chartered Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) Academic Journal Guide (open), c French National Centre for Scientific Research’s (CNRS) Journal Ranking (open), d Association of Professors of Business Administration in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland’s (VHB) JOURQUAL Ranking (open), e Scopus’ CiteScore (open).

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