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Overview of Resources

Recommended Reading

Do you want to learn a new method or wish to refresh your knowledge about research theory? My curated reading list covers various topics related to academic writing and publishing, research design, and data analysis.


Are you looking for measurement scales for your next survey or experiment? Maybe you can find it in my personal scale repository. Chances are good if you are interested in branding or international marketing.

Data Sources

Are you looking for secondary data related to the phenomenon you are studying? I compiled various free and paid data sources that offer information about countries, firms, and brands.

Data Sources


Not all academic journals are of equal standing: The rigor of their peer review processes varies, resulting in significant differences in the quality of the research they publish. Journal rankings offer some guidance on the credibility of the various outlets.

Example Resources

Data Analysis

The analytical tool box researchers can pick from is vast. Understand what tool is the right choice for what type of data is crucial. Learn more about regression analysis, structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, and other methods.

Category Characteristics

Product categories differ in terms of various characteristics, such as involvement, perceived risk, brand relevance, consumption motivation, visibility of consumption, tangibility, and cultural groundedness.

Firm Data

Commerical databases, such as Compustat, Refinitiv Eikon, BvD Amadeus, and Dun & Bradstreet, provide rich data on various dimensions of firms’ performance, including sales, market share, ROI, and ESG ratings.

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